Adult Non-Fiction Humor and Non-Fiction Poetry by Rod A. Walters

From GOLDEN GREMLIN, you will learn all kinds of useful tidbits (and bigbits) from experienced misanthropes and geezers about how the world really runs, or at least how so much of it got messed up, e.g. -----

  • NATURE: boys, dog poop, and carbon footprints.

  • WORDS: the real meaning of "Caucasian." 

  • BUSINESS: stakeholders, esp. through the heart. 

  • KITCHENS: cooking up tasty Dollar Store kale. 

  • HISTORY: how Hell froze, and how Earth Day got born. 

  • Golden boy gets to be GOLDEN GREMLIN. 

  • Seasonally warm gremlin songs. Sort of.

Follow golden gremlin "Poppy" leading this vigorous and funny adventure through these important life topics.​

About the Author

Rod Walters lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, and somewhat human step-cat. “Walters” is a writing name, but those who know him easily recognizes him from that mediocre head shot, improved by an excellent quality B&W film. He spent the first part of his working life as an Army officer, then a corporate engineer. Now he writes.

...that is, a writer works here.

Gremlin: an unknown, pesky glitch that shows up.

Golden Gremlin: changing that to a known glitch.